@Rybark ey out of curiosity did you ever clear the core's b side in Celeste?

@ember I did, and it was probably the thing I had the hardest time with lol. How’s it coming for you?

@Rybark @ember hi hello did someone mention celeste's b-sides im gonna slide on into this conversation

@Rybark @ember im slowly playing through it all again and man having done the c-sides, the b-sides dont seem that bad anymore? like i know thats just How The Game Is Designed its just really weird to breeze thru the b-sides that gave me so much trouble last time

@Rybark @ember THAT SAID the core still gave me a shitload of trouble, even on the a-side. game hard!

@SunhatZhenya @ember yeah, it was an interesting twist on your day ability, Jesus it got hard

@ember @SunhatZhenya oh my god yeah, the rising and falling lava/ice sections were so intense. The fucking final c side section is absolutely one of those

@Rybark @ember im still ever so slightly mad that some of the rooms on the c-sides are too long to even be captured in the 30 seconds that the switch gives you

@SunhatZhenya @ember oh yeah, those final rooms are always this 30-60 second white knuckle sequence

@ember @SunhatZhenya some of them, the best strat/intended strat isn’t super apparent and it’s easier to see what you generally have to do and then just focus on pulling it off

@Rybark @SunhatZhenya that's reasonable tbf. as long as it's a curve i think i can get through it, tho im interested to see if i can actually beat it before giving up considering im so fuckin stubborn

@ember @SunhatZhenya yeah it has a very high difficulty ceiling but it’s, well, a mountain you can climb

@ember @SunhatZhenya also a few strats like grabbing the end of the star blocks in level 2 to stop your momentum that I wouldn’t have thought of

@ember @SunhatZhenya also just preparedness, especially for the c side final rooms. They long

@SunhatZhenya @ember oh yeah, going back down when you’re used to the tight demands of the harder stuff is like, a nice breeze lol

@Rybark fair!! i drop in and out of it when i feel like torturing myself. haven't even attempted the b-side on that one yet lmao as the regular level almost murdered me but i've done most of the other ones!

@ember yeah basically every version of the core is the hardest shit. The c side one is satisfying when you get it tho, the final sequence is aaaa

@Rybark straight up at this point it feels like im actually gradually climbing this damn mountain myself. i didn't even know i had the platforming skills and determination to get this far but im gonna see it all through eventually!! im so very glad i got a pro controller tho bc playing it on the joycons gives me the worst cramp

@ember ahhhh that owns tho, i thought it was super satisfying to get through the challenges

@Rybark it reminds me of getting the Cave Story hell ending in terms of "this will take me fucking hours" and a complete inability to stop once i get going lmaooo

@ember yeah like, it’s an engaging set of challenges that I find I can just throw myself at. It’s challenging but straightforward and fair

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