I am deeply disturbed and wounded by the loss of Twitter to "I'm a huge fucking Racist" Musk.

I don't want to lose all my friends. But I don't think it's viable to force them all onto Discord or to ask people to come look at my website.

Shit, even Webrings would be an answer, but too time consuming.

In related news - my rent went up by $80 and my immediate reaction was "Oh thank goodness that's so reasonable." WAIT. THAT'S NOT THE RIGHT REACTION.

It's really weird when I got to twitter to complain about the same things everyone else complains about, but I get dudes lined up to tell me why I am wrong. Including someone who doesn't work where I do - telling me how it works at my company. It's all I can do to not say "Reddit is not a credible source dude."

The conrot is real. And moving through the office at warp speed.

It's BlizzCon week and even though I am not showing anything I am already exhausted, lol. I need it to actually start so I can just be excited.

I keep seeing my FB memories from when I was interviewing with Blizzard and all I can think is "Wow, I still have no idea what I am doing."

It really bothers me that people's response to me saying I don't like newer phones because they don't have a headphone jack is to try to sell me on wireless earbuds. Look. I know me. I will lose the shit out if those things in a week. I lose the ones with CABLES in a few months. Also - it makes all my current headphones useless. TRY to understand what I am saying instead of selling a product you don't even make money off of.

I am always amazed by game devs who KNOW something is a bad idea, they have done it before and know it's a bad idea, and yet they STILL defend it and repeat their mistakes.

*sees the newest info coming from Riot* I am completely and totally not surprised at this. At the Guildhall we were taught - a company's culture comes from the top. If you want to fix the culture, you have to replace those at the top.

My WoW Raid killed the first two bosses of the new raid last night. :D Such an excellent start to the expac and it reminds me why I love playing WoW with my friends so much.

When you are going to miss raid night because you got great feedback, but it requires a complete rework plus doubles the quests in your line... so you stay late since there's a deadline tomorrow.

I love Pumpkin Spice so much. I really hate that people make fun of me for something that silly too.

I friend gave us oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I thought - well at least I won't be betrayed by raisins. Then I managed to get the one cookie without any chocolate chips. CURSES.

I hate 7am. I became a game developer for a reason. We need the "school starts at 10am" school for people like me who still want to be parents but hate 7am.

Wow does Amazon NOT want you cancelling Prime. I mean, it's not as bad as a cable company, but it routed me through 5 screens trying to get me to not cancel with tons of buttons to confuse it.

There is not a very large community here, so I guess all my WoW posts are desperately needed? Or does that mean I should not WoW post? Hurm.

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