Shifting over here from @embolalia to have an actually somewhat interesting local timeline.

Thinking about trans individuals of species with very noticeable dimorphism;

a trans doe who is very proud of her antlers and decorates them every day
a trans kangaroo guy who uses his pouch as a pocket
a trans peahen who shows off her tailfeathers
a trans bull who is perfectly happy with his lack of horns, because he tried prosthetics and they just kept getting in the way

Uptown girl
She's been living in a
For ninety years now she's been
On that ride
All the other passengers
Have died
She's still inside

Whoa o-o-Oh-o-Oh-o

Vam-pir-ic hunger grows
For more centri-
fugic souls for my

Uptown girl
She's my uptown gi-i-irl
(Supplying victims to my)
Uptown girl
(Ancient carnivalan)
Uptown girl
(Torquing blood out for my)

Welcome... to Anthropocene Park!
* soaring John Williams soundtrack *
* parade of majestic raccoons to the bins *

Teo Zirinis a illustré des #monstres célèbres associés avec les problèmes existentiels qu’ils rencontrent, toute la série est sur son site (

#chtuhlu #comic #illustration

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Foxes are cat software on dog hardware. Which I guess makes me cat software running in a dog vm on a human host machine?

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A site for dog pics called HoundCloud.
Or maybe PoundCloud? But that sounds like it'd be for porn.
Maybe a bondage site called BoundCloud?

🏠👈 In this house we don't fill tweets up with random characters that are entirely meaningless garbage in a screen reader

There's a counter in Union Square that shows a live update of how many genders there are

who called it lyme disease and not big tick energy send tweet

Thing I just learned the hard way:
If you're going to dump the last bits of a bag of salt and vinegar chips into your mouth
Close your eyes.

TIL that there's a dialect of ASL used by Black Deaf people, which grew out of racially segregated Deaf schooling. And that it carries the same stigmatization among Deaf people (the racist ones, anyway) that AAVE does among English speakers.

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