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I've been livetweeting my way through this "Lesbian Health Matters" my mom got in med school, pre-AIDS, over on birdsite. Re-uploading and redoing captions would be a lot, so go check it out over there.

I actually really like how the federated timeline isn't all English. Birdsite is the only place online where I ever encounter languages other than English, and then only really cuz I follow my Israeli bff.

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Tfw I'm browsing the federated timeline and try for way too long to read something in Portuguese before realizing it's not Spanish and also I barely even know Spanish.

Guns, politics, Charlottesville 

BB guns, pellet guns, air guns, paintball guns, and stun guns are not allowed in the area. But handguns are, because "we have to honor your Second Amendment rights".

NYC politics, disability 

It is so, SO telling that we treat the exception for accessible cabs as an odd sidenote. Because we know (and are okay with the fact) that black cab companies would rather run nothing than run an accessible cab.

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NYC politics, disability 

Some people in NYC acting like the Uber/Lyft cap is the end of the world. Buddy it's not even the end of Uber/Lyft. There are literally no more or fewer black cabs now. And there can still be more! They just have to be wheelchair-accessible.
Literally, there is no cap whatsoever on new accessible black cabs. In a world that cared at fucking all about disabled people, this wouldn't even be a limitation.

ayy bb are you a generic collection of similar elements nearly ordered because I think you're a real


And doubly so for coding interviews. What am I supposed to be getting out of watching someone solve some trivial problem?

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Is not having a fucking clue how to interview candidates even though I've been doing it for years an ASD thing? I have literally no idea how to read the things I feel like my coworkers are reading from interviews.

*smacks the roof of a tech company office* This bad boy can fit so many white guys with a beard and glasses

we regret to inform you (not really) that the monterey bay aquarium is now horny on main

Trans girl culture is finding other transgender women who have perceived "masculine" traits achingly gorgeous while wishing you yourself looked perfectly feminine in every way.

Trans bodies are so fucking hot in ways that can be slightly hard to talk about because passing is such a thing.

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I have more things in the air than I can keep context on, so I kinda just have to NOP, but I'm NOPing because of something other than depression

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Tfw your job performance switches from depression-bound to memory-bound

Mental health, money 

Things to not think about: opportunity cost of needing 10 hours for sleep because depression, actual cost of buying prepared foods instead of making myself because depression.

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