Firefox 66.0.4, with fixes for the AddOns issue, has been released. See release notes at

to everyone who worked through the weekend to get this done

What if the response to tumblr being banned from the app store was tumblr making its mobile web version usable instead of being shit and literally insulting you for trying to like a post

tired: posting "boost if"
wired: posting toots people /want/ to boost


@jrconlin you have two tools there, the fish, and the water balloons.

@kevbob wait, where are y'all moving to. And that cat is ready for adventures.

I guess I should propose a Donut County panel for WisCon 43 and beat the rush.

@OldBrushNewPaper I brought the camisole/culottes outfit with me and will either wear it to the closing party or Janelle MonΓ‘e.

Now established in my room for the all-hands. Learned about CLI linux networking on the bus up, many thanks to @jrconlin for helping a noob.

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