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NASA's Cassini mission is about to end and I am definitively more emotional about this than some of my actual waning friendships with real-life people who are not space robots

"federation is too complicated"

/me looks at LJ's style system and laughs

Crap, I'm really going to have to see about a link unfurling PR, aren't I?

What if mastodon instances were like Second Life surnames before the display names thing (I'm sorry about that one, by the way, Caledon.) We'd let around 10,000 residents or so (@yoz do you recall the number) take a surname like Nowhere (I was so jealous of Emma Nowhere's name) before removing it from use.

"[P]rivacy is set on a per-post basis, a little similar to how it is on Facebook."

Live Journal, the word you are looking for here is Live Journal.

Mastodon users would dance in a circle around a burning FB data center.

For kicks I booted an instance of mastodon for running bots. It's at

I made a bot too. I wanted to make something that broke past Twitter's character limit, so I made a bot version of Strachey's LOVELETTERS

if bots are a thing here, it might be fun to fork the main codebase and just automatically create API keys for a bot and put them somewhere in the settings page

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Remember when had / feeds for all users? Wasn't that great? Well, and any other server has that too. And it's here to stay, since the protocol is based on this.

Here's mine, for example:

Now you can use your favorite RSS reader to read my toots. I know, right?

No, mastodon doesn't need a bot tweeting whatever garbage the tech bros on HN think is important.

I have to go nudge the Steampunk crowd in Second Life so someone there starts an instance. The New Babbage bunch is always good for never ending apocalypses.

Things like this give me joy, even if Nespresso isn't coffee.

The devs dug into their machine, figured out what buttons did which, and set up their Tessel to send voltage to the similar points to emulate the button presses through software.

Oops, PPS:
Already getting people asking how FOSS + Federation solves harassment.

Please understand: I'm not saying it *solves* harassment, just gives us many more options for dealing with it. There's still going to be plenty of noise and pain, and some of it's going to take whole new ugly forms that weren't possible before.

Everyone gets more control. This is both good and bad.

(And now going quiet for a while, because oh god inflight wifi prices)

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Maybe the solution to Mastodon's scaling problem is that everyone has their own instance, and they only post there. You can still follow other instances, and even comment on their posts! We could call it a "weblog," or a "blog" for short

these days I'm skipping foundation and lining my eyes using Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. Naked Basics shadow, mascara and lipstick

I've been here awhile, but haven't introduced myself.

I'm Emma (she/her,) a middle-aged, queer and trans woman married to the love of my life, Cynthia.

I work on the Open Web making it easier for developers to triage and understand bugs.

I love coffee, power pop, belly dance, understanding how people do their work, SF&F, and ice hockey (Go Sharks and Beauts!)

I've been building web sites and applications for 23 years. JavaScript and node.js are my jams.

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