@emelie This Toot just improved my day, Emelie!!! Thanks for sharing :)

@aidanbudd That's what cat pics are for, I'm glad it improved your day :blobcat:

@emelie the classic essentialist vs existentialist debate! Is it a fruit bowl only when it has fruit in it? Or does it have some unchanging essence of fruitbowlishness? If the latter then this is just a fruit bowl filled with a cat. But I’m an existentialist. I’m not even sure it’s a bowl. Or a cat. Maybe the cat doesn’t think of itself as a cat...

Hi, btw.

@aranr perhaps it's a cat who thinks he is a fruit. Hello! ✨

@emelie exactly! And who are we to tell this cat that he’s not a fruit Taxonomists have a lot to answer for.

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