hello look at this cute old man and his ladies ✨ 🐴

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@emelie very cute!

one question though, as horses age do they get grey around the face like doggos (and some humans XD)?

@elmiko Yes! Some senior horses do get gray hair around their eyes and muzzle!

@emelie The outer left one tries to look inconspicuous while plotting to overthrow our dimension. It‘s time traveler Fluffy-Hoof originating from dimension Disco-Fox Alpha. 🌈🦄

@geekygent that's Cola Light, she's very cunning and a bit bossy 🌟

@emelie if I had her hair, I would probably be cunning and bossy as well. 😌

Is there a story behind her name? Especially the „Light“ part... 🤔

@emelie Hehe, you can nearly hear him say: ‚Do you have an apple? Or something?‘ 😍

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