Are people still using Vero? Or are we all pretending that didn't happen?

@emelie After jogging my memory, the point of Vero was to charge for social networking. Presumably to remove the perverse incentives that drive other networks to abuse their users. Fair enough, never going to work, but fair enough. So! I actually went and checked their site...

@emelie "As promised, our first million users have access to Vero free for life. However, given the service interruptions we experienced from the large wave of new users, we are extending that offer to all new users until further notice."

"Due to overwhelming demand, we will give away more of our product for free", said no business ever?

@WAHa_06x36 @emelie I believe they decided to make people not pay since so many people joined the band wagon. there was though unfortunately stuff about the CEO doing some shady stuff. I think also a majority of people got on it to see Zack Snyder's cut if Justice league and all his leaks, but that eventually died down I think.

@emelie I only heard about Vero a few weeks ago. I searched it and it seemed like a ...strange network idea based on its own website. :)

@emelie Whenever I see anyone ask a question of that ilk I think "If they saw as many RealPlayer installs as I do, they wouldn't need to ask". ;-)

@emelie, I never used it and totally forgot it was a thing. Just like Ello.

@emelie iirc, some of the people involved with it turned out to be pretty shady folks? I can't remember the details. I just remember making an account and then promptly deleting it because of some craziness involving one of the founders and not wanting to support them.

@emelie I still use it. It has a different use case compared to Mastodon.

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