Want to help Mastodon grow?

Frame a picture of the Mastodon logo, put it on your or someone else's grandma's coffee table among all the photos of your relatives! Your grandma won't notice it there, but all your aunts and uncles will be curious. They'll wonder who is this new relative?

In an attempt to research this weird looking new relative, they will stumbled upon the register page, and if there's anything your aunt and uncle is good at, it's signing up to random webpages. Bam! 💥 New user!

@m4sk1n 1 million aunts. Imagine all the wine recommendation content we'll get from all those aunts, that's what I call A+ content

@emelie what kind of aunts and uncles sign up to random things? mine never sign up for anything. "please", i murmur, tears in my eyes, "please sign up." and the only response i ever receive in return is a horrifyingly calm answer, "hey, can you help me sign back into facebook?"

@trwnh I'm sorry your aunts and uncles are malfunctioning. For best effect replace them with cats

@emelie i've taken the extremely ambitious project of writing my own uncle/aunt implementation from scratch but it's gonna take some time

@emelie last thing i want is my aunts and uncle on mastodon

"What a funny little cousin you have there..."

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