Been in two meetings today, I feel drained. Luckily the last meeting was about cows, so that was a lot more uplifting than the other one.


specifically our last meeting was about highland cattle

@emelie hairy coos make most days better! 🐂

The young ones look super emo with their floppy hair and I love it.

@emelie I'm curious what line of work has meetings about them, and why!

@bouncinglime I'm a part-time municipality counselor, which means I've to be informed about basically everything that a person can call into the municipality about

In this case we learned more about the highland cattle that the municipality owns, they have two purposes, one: help people to job-train and two: graze off the lands to make nature more accessible. Well we talked about more than cows, but the cows took over 90% of that meeting cause they're cute

@emelie That's pretty excellent. I also love the idea that someone might have a cow problem that they would call a counselor about. ^_^

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