@emelie Is he trained to do so and you’re giving him a command? Or he just doesn’t like something?

@unclechu Not trained, he is a very 'verbal' horse and will let you know exactly what he thinks, especially when there's something he doesn't want to do.

In this instance, I took him into the arena 30 minutes before he supposed to get his dinner. He usually loves being let free in the arena.. just not when he could rather be in his stall eating.

@emelie 😂 yeah they all hate to be taken outside when it's just before feeding time. Especially when the collegues are staying back and will get a headstart on the hay... "What are you thinking, human?! This is madness!!"

@anni yees, I can relate though, I would be annoyed too if I had to work when I could be eating instead 😂😂

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