I installed on my new PC, but I experience a slight delay every time I press the brush down.

Is there something I'm doing wrong on my part, some setting I need to change?
I've read that it's not something that's supposed to happen. And I've no issues in Photoshop, or any other program. But I've yet to find a solution?

@emelie first thing I am going to ask (and this is just in case) is brush stabilization on on your brush setting? (check tool options for that) if not that, Settings -> Configure Krita -> performance and tweaking those might help?

I hope this helps

@eylul Not using stabilization, tried switching between all smoothing options, still experiencing the delay.

I even went to performance, and tweaked a little, tried disabling vector optimization for AMD CPUs and nothing worked. 🤔

@emelie is it that there's nothing drawn until you've moved the brush enough?
Cause the weighted smoothing mode helps you draw smoother lines by letting the brush lag behind the actual cursor a bit, and it might be on. (I think the default is basic smoothing though)

If it's something else, good luck! Hope ya figure it out

@emelie I did not experience this on my setup (Krita, Bamboo Intuos on linux). But you can try using a smaller canvas size and a simple brush. If that does not solve the problem, there is something wrong with the driver i think?!?

@emelie it's fuckery related to how windows lets applications use pen tablets

the old style of interface is called "wintab", but the thing being used by default now is "windows ink", photoshop integrates with the latter but krita doesn't by default

since windows ink, unlike wintab, offers stuff like gestures, you get a delay while windows is trying to "figure out what you do", since long pressing on one spot will right click

@emelie i think the fix was this: go into the krita settings, select "tablet settings", then in "Tablet input API", the thing underneath the pressure curve, select "Windows 8+ Pointer Input"

this -should- fix stuff right up and make the delay go away but it's been a while since i tested this

@emelie while you're at it, you should also disable press-and-hold (the thing that makes right clicks happen when you long-press the stylus tip), as well as flick (gestures)

the people at microsoft who worked on these things forgot that people draw with their tablets

@tinybarks thank you this sounds like it could be the issue, I'll need to try it when I get home tomorrow 👍

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