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emelie @emelie

I just discovered Marco Bucci on Youtube. This artist probably makes the best educational art videos I've ever watched, I urge every artist to check out his "10 Minutes To Better Painting".


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Seems to be really interesting & well done videos.
Thanks for the link, i'll start watching tonight.

@emelie That was pretty good! I think if you come out of the animation realm (esp char design), you might already think in terms of straights vs. curves (compared to his "straights, c-curves, s-curves"). Glen Keane, IIRC, had a good little bit about busy "sides" of a drawing or figure vs calm sides, that's something else that came to mind.

@AesAthena I'm not familiar with Glen Keane, but googling him I realize I should defiantly learn more about him and his work!