Not me stressing about because my boy was lame yesterday, only for him to show absolutely no sign of lameness today 😵

My friends says I'm not allowed to get another fjord horse. Clearly I need new friends 😔

I tried to cut a heart into his mane but it literally only looks good from one side and it's not this one

When you think a horse is missing, but then you look into their stall and they're just chilling

We got to ride w the cool kids today, and were like a mile behind because Ferrari got short legs and a big belly, oops 🦓

Honestly the best feeling in the world is arriving to the barn early and be greeted by this 🦓 Sound ON 🔊

Ferrari is pretty nonchalant about his new friend for someone who has been turned out alone for a week 🤷

Jasmine wanted to play, and Ferrari just wanted to strut around and sniff the ground, because??

Found a comic strip in my sister's horse magazine the other day that perfectly captures my life right now :pika:

Ferrari has been a poster child of good behaviour for a couple weeks, but now that he is running out of grass in the pasture he is back to his usual ways 🙄
Trying to stand between a fjord and fresh grass is proving both difficult and painful 🙃

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