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International Artists act to say "!"

Through analog hacking of murals, performances, photography, drawings and video they stand in solidarity with whistleblowers, journalists and activists being brutally repressed.


On Saturday 8th May join legendary lawyer Nancy Hollander at to find out what goes through the mind of the lawyer defending those labelled terrorists and consigned to living hells like Guantanamo

🎉🥂✊ You are invited to the Whistleblow Village !✊🥂🎉

Sat. 8 May - 20h CET until [REDACTED]

Let's meet in our cute autonomous experimental virtual world adventure! (It looks like an old-school pixelated adventure video game that enables participants to meet through jitsi audio/video chat, and to explore on a journey through our common recent history of whistleblowing, exposing war crimes and brutal repression…)

On World Press Freedom Day, the UK National Union of Journalists @nujofficial warns that the case against Julian #Assange is a grievous threat to journalism and calls for his release #WPFD2021


"The proceedings against Julian #Assange jeopardize journalism that is crucial to democracy" says Amnesty International, ACLU, Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, EFF, CPJ and all major press and human rights organisations #WPFD2021


Find out what really happens behind the scenes.

Join some of the world’s most courageous journalists, lawyers, activists, politicians, artists, whistleblowers Saturday May 8th at the International Festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent and Accountability

Sat. 8 May 2021


Every Friday, between 4 & 6 pm, outside Sydney Town Hall, there are people giving their time to informing passers by about the outrageous attack on press freedom that is occurring with the political persecution of the most influential journalist of our time. #auspol #FreeAssange

Se la libertà di espressione significa qualcosa, allora rivendichiamo il diritto di pubblicare verità sconvenienti. Perciò il 3 maggio alle 16 in #PiazzaDelPopolo celebreremo il #WorldPressFreedomDay chiedendo il ritiro delle accuse a Julian #Assange e il suo immediato rilascio!
Il post di Italiani per Assange
cc @WikileaksItalian


💥🎪 Please join us on Saturday 8th May for an international festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent & Accountability🎪💥

70+ amazing contributors & you : Art, music, workshops, film screenings, discussions, mini-lectures and more.

#Assange #Whistleblowing #dissent #accountability #whistleblower #festival #Music #Propaganda #journalism #Law


The Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism honours journalists who expose injustice and official lies. I am one of the judges. We have decided to donate our entire budget to the legal defence of our distinguished 2011 winner -- Julian . Read below:

La Policía portuguesa interceptó el pasado 8 de marzo a David Morales, propietario de la empresa de seguridad #UCGlobal que espió a Julian #Assange en la Embajada de Ecuador en Londres, mientras abandonaba España en dirección a Lisboa.

Las autoridades lusas alertaron de inmediato a las españolas al comprobar que Morales tiene prohibido por la Audiencia Nacional salir del territorio nacional y lo devolvieron a España.

"I was biased - to my shame - against Julian Assange in the begginning. But once I looked at the facts it was clear that this was not a prosecution, it's a persecution."

Nils Melzer - UN's Special Rapporteur on Torture talks about Assange.

Slow News Day
#FreeAssange Vigil Action 4 Assange
AnDrew Zigmund Smith , Misty Winston & Kendra
w/Eric Harvey, Morgan Artyukhina
Watch on #Rokfin


🎉 🎊 Save the Date Sat 8th May 🎉 🎊

60+ amazing globally respected contributors + YOU

Workshops, art , film screenings, music, lectures, panels, interviews & more at the international festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent & Accountability
+ a virtual pub to wind down afterwards

#whistleblowing #dissent #accountability

RT Seit mehr als zwei Jahren festgehalten: Die Entscheidung, #Assange für die Dauer des Berufungsverfahrens nicht freizulassen, war ein zusätzlicher Rückschlag für die #Pressefreiheit

George W: 2 drone killings per month
Obama: 5 per week
Trump: 3 per day

when we have fully operating robot killers there will be no war crimes anymore because there will be no one to prosecute

journalism belongs to any citizen

wikileaks came up as a rogue actor at the beginning because the 4th estate, the established media, hadn't fulfilled its mandate

the capacity of the human being to hide in the collective and to close their eyes is tremendous



Seit mehr als 2 Jahren wird der Journalist Julian Assange im Hochsicherheitsgefängnis Belmarsh gefangen gehalten. Wir fordern seine sofortige Freilassung - kommt zu unserer Kundgebung am Donnerstag, den 22.04. ab 16 Uhr am Löwenbrunnen in Leipzig!

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