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International Artists act to say "!"

Through analog hacking of murals, performances, photography, drawings and video they stand in solidarity with whistleblowers, journalists and activists being brutally repressed.

A group of Icelandic members of congress from five parties has teamed up and delivered a statement to the U.S. Embassy in Iceland urging the government in the country to drop the indictment of Wikileaks founder Julian #Assange | Kjarninn

Published by WikiLeaks in 2012: Correspondence from private security contractor Stratfor on how to handle arrest of Julian #Assange

"Pile on. Move him from country to country to face various charges for the next 25 years.."

Trotz Falschaussagen über #Assange – Britischer High Court: Die US-Berufung wird akzeptiert (noch kein Datum für die Berufungsverhandlung)

BREAKING: The US has been granted limited permission to appeal January’s decision that Julian #Assange should not be extradited

"The new revelations concerning the DoJ's lead witness confirm what we all knew: that the case against Julian has been built on lies" | Stella Moris

La décision d'autoriser un appel (!) des US contre #Assange vient d'être rendue à Londres.

Ce sera un appel du refus par le Royaume-Uni de l'extrader aux US, au motif que sa santé ne lui permettrait pas de survivre dans ce système carcéral brutal.

Il restera à l'isolement en prison de max-sécurité, alors qu'innocent, d'ici-là..

Il est toujours accusé de "conspiration pour espionnage" aux US par l'administration Biden, ou il risque 175 ans dans la prison de plus haute sécurité.


Ayer, sábado, fue el cumpleaños de Julian #Assange, el periodista que filtró documentos sobre operaciones contra la ley y la ética más básicas. Scott Ludlam, político australiano, le envía un mensaje al que quiero adherirme.

Os envío el enlace a #Invidious, no por Youtube. Supongo que ya sabéis el motivo...

Julian Assange turns 50 today - in high security Belmarsh Prison while the US tries AGAIN to extradite him, for journalistic work & exposing war crimes. It’s a source of deep shame for the UK & US and our obligation to protect free expression. He must be released.


Julian #Assange dedicated years and years of his life to work in the public interest, from privacy-enhancing technologies to investigative journalism and @wikileaks
Today, he is 50. 25% of his life he has been persecuted by governments.
Current state of his case:

Julian’s 50. Geburtstag

Am 03.07.2021 wird Julian 50 Jahre alt. Gleichzeitig wird es der dritte Geburtstag sein, den er im Hochsicherheitsgefängnis Belmarsh verbringen wird müssen.
In ganz Deutschland sind Protestaktionen und Mahnwachen geplant.

17 Uhr
Pariser Platz, vor dem Brandenburger Tor und der US-Botschaft

am Main

Bundestag: Abgeordnete fordern Freiheit für Julian

Weil es entlastende Aussagen eines wichtigen Zeugen gibt, wenden sich Bundestagsabgeordnete aus mehreren Parteien an US-Präsident Joe Biden.

Am Samstag findet um 17 Uhr auf dem Pariser Platz vor der US-Botschaft eine Kundgebung der Berliner Mahnwache „Freiheit für Julian Assange!“ statt.

A Remarkable Silence: #Media Blackout After Key Witness Against #Assange Admits Lying

As we have pointed out since Media Lens began in 2001, a fundamental feature of corporate media is propaganda by omission. Over the past week, a stunning example has highlighted this core property once again. A major witness in the #US case against Julian Assange has just admitted fabricat­ing key

Samstag um 15 Uhr am Brandenburger Tor! feiert Julian #Assange's 50. Geburtstag und fordert seine Freilassung! Kommt und unterstützt uns!

#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW
#DiEM25forAssange #JournalismIsNotACrime

Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment.

A maj­or wit­n­ess in the United States’ Depart­ment of Justice ca­se against Ju­li­an #Assange has admitted to fabricat­ing key accusati­ons in the indict­ment against the #Wikileaks found­er.... #FreeAsangeNOW

[ Docu 30 mn ]" Le 4 janvier dernier, la justice britannique refusait l’extradition de Julian Assange vers les Etats-Unis, où le fondateur du site internet Wikileaks risque jusqu’à 175 ans de prison pour avoir publié des centaines de milliers de documents confidentiels de la diplomatie et des services secrets US. "
#assange #wikileaks

3 luglio, in occasione del 50esimo compleanno di Julian #Assange

il gruppo #ItalianiPerAssange vi aspetta a Roma, in Piazza Trilussa, dalle ore 17 alle 19

Il giornalismo non è un crimine

Free Julian Assange!


Leaked documents obtained by German public broadcasters NDR and WDR show WikiLeaks founder Julian #Assange and his visitors were systematically spied on at the Ecuadorian embassy in London


If the #US truly defends freedom, why won't they allow others to tell the truth when they are making up lies? Why has Mr. #Assange been thrown in prison after being forced to shelter in the #Ecuadorian Embassy in London for 7 years?

UP NEXT at International Festival of Dissent Whistleblowing and Accountability

16:45 - 18:15 CEST - Lauri Love, Jeremy Hammond, Andy Muller-Maguhn and N. Frank - in conversation - 10 Years of Repression of Freedom of Information [Hanan Saleh Matrud room]

more information:

Full schedule: timetable.whistleblowingfest.o

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