To the extent that it's already stopped me from being active here for a month and it's making me consider just checking out of Mastodon for a while til the problem is better solved? lol

But maybe I'm missing something

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Honestly this "finding an instance" thing seems to be a much bigger barrier to entry than it was ~1-2 years ago when I was more active here

A lot of folks have been telling me isn't a great instance and I've been searching for a while for another instance and just haven't found one that seems quite right that also has open invites so... I'm just gonna stick around here for now. Maybe I'll start my own instance sooner or later but I think I'll just be posting from here for the foreseeable future since finding an instance has been a silly barrier.

I'm back in the Mastodon saddle, hopefully! Testing out this Twidere app, let's see how it do

Hey Mastodon, just to let everyone know: this account has been dormant for a while but we'll be coming back online in December. We're also going to be kicking up a PeerTube. Pardon our dust and inactivity while we're moving to a new city!

Luna's reaction to debating Destiny and false propaganda about Vietnam:

We need $500 to hit the $2k goal for the Trevor Project! Get in to our stream and support a good cause :D

On the @GutianGang charity stream for the Trevor Project! Come join and let's raise some money for a great cause!

JBYC show starting now! We'll be talking about MYTHS AND LEGENDS and ... game shows ... and stuff. Idunno come hang out if'n ya want

About to go on stream at: (link:

Should be a lot more chill than the destiny thing, come relax with us :D

Breadcasting now from a tropical getaway! Come hang out with us at the beach in Cambodia :D

JBYC show streaming now, discussing the Fascism of the Dark Knight and After Dark Screensavers and more!

About to go live on @JBYCShow ! I plan to talk about the right to dry and neighborhood association fascism

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