Patrons can watch this week's video NOW! Everyone else can watch tomorrow -- probably the best puppet show I've done so far :)

This is an EPIC feature from @times_tribal -- globe-sweeping and spanning history. Every socialist should take a look:

Excited about the interview I'll be having tonight with Ha Minh, a trans Vietnamese artist living in Hanoi! Hope you'll join us:

Tonight we celebrate Kropotkin's 177th birthday and Non-Compete's 1,000,000th minute of view time :) STREAM WITH US TONIGHT!

TIL I live right across the street from an apartment block that was blown up LAST YEAR by an unexploded USA bomb here in Hanoi. Killed 6 people and damaged almost 250 homes. US imperialism will have ripple effects for decades to come around the world no matter what.

Patrons now have access to this week's video, which is an important one. Watch it RIGHT NOW for a dollar or watch it tomorrow for free!

About to stream a little while because my Chromecast is busted, come join in on the "fun"

48 hours left to order stuff before pre-orders end. After that it will be a first-come/first-served inventory system so if you want some of these cool-asss shirts, or NVA helmets and PLF scarves and SUPER RAD stickers, please order ASAP:

First T-shirt order is in! The shirts came out GREAT!

Two days left for pre-order to be guaranteed you get what you want :D

Celebrate 10,000 subs with us on tonight's Breadcast! We've "changed" the time to 10pm EST since Daylight Savings Time is completely ridiculous, so make sure you don't miss it!

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