Hey Mastodon, just to let everyone know: this account has been dormant for a while but we'll be coming back online in December. We're also going to be kicking up a PeerTube. Pardon our dust and inactivity while we're moving to a new city!

@emerican really, you'll do #peertube? Thats really good to hear!
Invest some time in choosing a good server. Maybe there is a #breadtube peertube server already?

@pinkprius @emerican never heard of it either, thanks! On the subreddit it says Jan 2020, sounds like a way off:(

@LPS @emerican yeah but I prefer them doing it right, on a sustainable instance, with having checked out the moderation tools beforehand etc.
Also it's in a month, which isn't that far.

@pinkprius @emerican oh my, I've lost track of time.. ha ha. I was thinking 2020 was a year out.

Good point! Better yet they should set up their own instance... this way true to form they can make their own rules:)

@emerican That's totally cool. You're under no obligation to use this place, but you're always welcome here.

@emerican looking forward to it! Will give me a more solid reason to use peertube as well 😃

@emerican welcome back comrade! Lookin forward to seeing you around again :ancomheart:

@emerican Welcome back to the #fediverse! Love all the great content you've been making! Great to see that you're bringing it to the fediverse via #PeerTube as well! Can't wait!

@emerican Let us all know how we can join in on the revolution :) When it comes to cultural anarchism , this is totally where I come in. I'm in 100%

@emerican Huzzah! Huzzah and Jubilation!

Best of luck on the PeerTube instance!

@emerican please let us know about the impending BreadTube instance! That could be really huge.
@emerican oh yeah, I remember hearing about that around a week ago

can I recommend starting your own instance for your fans? centralization is bad and specializes in it

@emerican Where are you, friend? Still on Twitter? Tsk, tsk, tsk. And I already made the account and everything.

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