for some reason ppl are still interested in following this acct but.... it's dead, jim

i'm @weirdokay !

im seeing so many ppl mention mastodon on twitter

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mastodon, where u still may be able to say 'fuck' w/out any penalties

the current global mission in pokémon sun/moon is to hatch as many eggs as possible during the mission period, which is cool bc its what ive been doing this whole time

its normal to take a nap at 9pm & wake up a couple hrs later to smoke, right....

the fav star flips & turns gold & vice versa 😄

being +3wks w/out testosterone makes me feel really bad!!!! aha

no matter what happens, my character in pokémon sun is always (ʘ‿ʘ)
dyed my hair somewhat but its still a WIP bc theres brown that shows ;___;

article title: "smart kids dont use Signal"

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