The prospect of having to track down the accounts of people I followed on the birdsite over here, for the ones that even decide to come over, has me in an ADHD spinloop. Why can't they just kick the nazi's off that old site and make it nice?

Hm. mastodon is still here. Weird. Anyway.. Hi, everyone. I'm having the fun that is re-enrolling all one's 2FA when migrating to a fresh new device.

(actual fun not guaranteed. results may vary.)

Huh. empty timeline. Guess everyone I followed back when this was a fad has also gone back to twitter. *sigh*

Whenever I click the TOOT! button I yell "Toot-toot, here's comes the content train!" and everyone looks at me like I'm the asshole

I kinda want to stand up a malware analyst community mastodon instance on ""; but actually using it would fill everyone's log files.

PSA animated gifs cause issues for some folks, please use static images for avatars and put gifs under a CW


One pee-wee soccer game.
Two fallen trees bucked to logs.
40 bags of mulch.
one motherfucking 15x5.00-6 tube in a wagon tire.
one utterly rusted and destroyed chevy tailgate hinge.
one replacement ordered.
a shitload of sticks.

..... beer number 2, steaks marinating.

@mala @anildash @sarahjeong
"how do I solve Identity on the web?"
"I know, lets use Public Key cryptography"
"Now you have a Directed Acyclic Graph of problems"

This content warning shit is a misfeature at times like this.

Filtering by regex with emoji only works sometimes. That's even weirder than it not working at all.

Timeline filtering by regex is such a nice feature.

I'm just going to throw this out there, because I'm not going to do anything with this information.

the "" domain is $5400 from google domains, but....

"" is $30.

I am drawing no conclusions, but after reading some Robert Musil quotes and discussing Aristotelianism here, I went back to check on one of my Twitter haunts, and they're still going on about the Pepsi ad.

I'm also for whatever backup purposes there might be.

I tested data export and import, and that seems to work. The only instance migration issue I see is that your followers don't come along for the ride. Also, I'm using the 🚫 symbol in place of ✅ to denote an inactive account. YMMV.

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