‪I totally missed this Sri Lanka thing.‬
‪Is my feed working ?‬

‪Happy Birthday Jesus.‬
‪This guy has two birthdays‬

‪I just blocked (@) Bitcoin (On Twitter). I hate reading his/her/it posts in my feed.‬

‪Just realized that Wikipedia and Creative Commons were founded on the same day, the 15th of January (according to the WHOIS data for creativecommons.org)‬

‪I just deleted my .config directory 😖😫😟‬

I never saw anyone who calls regular expressions "RegExp" why this term is on Wikipedia ?

When I code I usually listen to music.
I use some lyrics of songs that I listen to as example string values.
It is funny when I later see some strings with values like
"Come on Eileen" or "Yesterday you told me by the blue blue sky"

Damn, Fedora sucks.
Tomorrow I'll switch to Solus

‪It takes so long to format an USB device. I only want to install Fedora...‬

‪I should create a bot which copy my tweets to Mastodon or vice versa‬

‪Why people are afraid of shells ? How many times you did not found a button in a GUI ?‬

‪Why pizza.de merged with Lieferando ? I always enjoyed the old look of pizza.de‬

The Mastodon Keybase integration is crap. Instead of allowing only 6 instances you should add a Mastodon Label to your Labels with your keybase username.

‪Just saw the comedy central logo and I furst thought it was a creative commons sign.‬

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