I'm at RubyConf and most of the social media stuff around it seems to be happening on Twitter but I'll also be here I guess

The air quality here in Seattle is terrible and should feel terrible

I'm really not interested in doing the things I need to do today, I've already been at it for two hours and I'm contemplating going back to bed and taking a nap, say, for the rest of the day. This is the danger with working from home: that this is a viable option.

look, jerks, if you demand trans women disclose they're trans before you'd date us, but you don't demand to know whether everyone you're dating has ever had an appendectomy, you're inconsistent (and if you do demand to know whether someone's had an appendectomy as a precondition for dating them, you're weird)

Hello to the Mastodons everywhere, I hope this takes off


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