"Tinfoil Chat (TFC) is a FOSS+FHD peer-to-peer messaging system that relies on high assurance hardware architecture to protect users from passive collection, MITM attacks and most importantly, remote key exfiltration.

#TFC is designed for people with one of the most complex threat models: organized crime groups and nation state hackers who bypass end-to-end encryption of traditional secure messaging apps by hacking the endpoint."

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Hey mastodonians!
Feel enough energetic to write this toot!
How are you all?

ভালো লাগছে না এসব, ভালো লাগছে না 😶

Writing PHP code is the worst feeling coming from my inside! But I am undone. Time is not our friend....

I understood the point that Rails is like dinosaur in web. I like the syntax and philosophies of Ruby. But the better choice is to continue with non-ruby web apps. Otherwise, It will be harder to get enough support or advancements.

why not use,
$ base64 file.ext | tr -d '\n' > output.txt
instead of,
$ base64 file.ext > output.ext

If you are webdev, you know what the hazard is 😏

When I am mad at my android keyboard due to typing too many same characters, I really miss the C-u <num> <char> so much from emacs. When I will get a sane emacs for my phone? Probably when I'll have a librem or sailfish gadget....

I won't hesitate for now. Because it is an Eluveitie night!

How did you improve your privacy and security in 2019? What are you looking to do more of in 2020?

It's always beautiful to explore the old songs, when rhythms weren't such electronic as present. Yes, I'm listening to the evergreen hindi songs.

Less interesting and unwelcoming tasks, I don't like them at all.

@bdeshi স্বাগতম, সুস্বাগতম!
Welcome here. It is time for repent together.

ReferenceError: primordials is not defined

OH! I'll go extinct soon!

Okay, please come with your product soon.

Breaking Ground – Purism

Purism — Private and Secure Hardware, Software, and Services


#PaperbackCLI is a #paper-based #backup system.

Paperback-cli is a tool which encodes any file into a very large 2D #barcode which can be decoded back into the original file. The encoded barcode is resilient to error and can be printed onto a piece of paper to later be scanned and decoded. Paperback-cli can encode upwards of 500 kB of raw data per laser printed page.

Website 🔗️: git.teknik.io/scuti/paperback-

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #security

The game is on, although I don't like a name!
Bill Gates-backed Heliogen targets 1,500°C solar thermal

A US startup backed by Bill Gates is targeting solar thermal energy hitting 1,500°C that can transform carbon-heavy industrial processes and create zero-carbon fuels. Heliogen uses advanced computer vision software to align a large array of mirrors with extreme precision in order to reflect sunlight to a single target. The California-based company claims it has […]


#Worklog is a simple #terminal time tracker.

Worklog is a program which tracks time spent on various activities. Worklog reads from a project file which maps keys to activities. When started the keymap is displayed for quick reference, and keys can be pressed to start the clock for the corresponding activity. Once the activity is switched the time spent on the activity is logged to a file.

Website 🔗️: gitlab.com/atsb/worklog

apt 📦️: worklog

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

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