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I don't know, how many android foss devs are listening to me right now. You are just doing amazing, I found F-Droid an invaluable treasure. But, please try to build an intuitive app store, don't mess things up, just do more featured apps.
Fedilab, Omni notes, AntennaPod, Vanilla Player so many apps, which can not be ordinary 😀

I turned off javascript from my feed reader's browser- Now I'm whispering, "Dear badass advertisements, you will be missed" 😋

Thank you clementine devs to make me happy by provide such a versatile music player.

As a emacs lover, that is an asset for me.

Cloudmacs and getting to know Docker | Mildly entertainingᵝ

Listen, I need to force you to use my service for every breath. Sometimes, I can make you stupid by converting a raw text into pdf. Which you can edit on our platforms only, outside the platform- Only pdf can be issued. How dare you can avoid us?
I am . I turn people stupid in a second.

Describe your sorrow in short form:
"In February 2018, Bitwarden debuted as a stand-alone desktop app for macOS, Linux, and Windows. The app was built as web app variant of the browser extension and delivered on top of **Electron**."

The reign of evil J is a worse example of authoritarianism. He blocked many websites, which he 'thinks' contain adult contents. Come on man!
Yesterday, somehow some reddit's server address changed and his brainless regime failed to block this site (Yes, reddit was blocked in our zone). So, here ethical tech comes, can we do something- so that, they can't do these kind of worse things?

এই প্ল্যাটফর্মটায় বাংলাভাষী সম্ভবত আমি একলাই। নতুন কেউ আসলে আওয়াজ দিন 😀

Anybody know some way to share mastodon button for jekyll site builder themes? I need one for my blog.
Thank you people.

So happy to finally take the plunge and #DeleteFacebook. Good riddance to a scourge of the web.

Good morning from a GMT+6 place :gnomeHey:
Hope to cure my screen addiction by minimizing the sharing. Long writes will be reserved in my personal blogs.
Day 3 in Mastodon :mastodon:

Hey, why telegram messenger's web interface is too much simplistic? Yeah you can suggest to use the telegram-desktop. But probably that tool is electron-based, electron has an issue with my Arch linux unicode input method. Which made this obsolete!

Another morning. Hopes are resurrecting, with a slow pace though.. It is just coming together to perform a purposeful time. 😀

A long waiting for the DNS propagation! Why in this world this thing not so quick? 😞


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