Are military food rations called "noms de guerre" in #French?

If not, they should.

At a certain time each afternoon the sunlight slants through my bathroom window in exactly the right way to light up the toilet like it's the damn Grotta Azzurra

I think trans people should be allowed to have armored vehicles

ukpol uk journos 

nice(?) twitter thread with people sharing examples of the uk press working overtime to promote boris johnson and crush opposition to him over the last few years. worth looking at just to remind yourself that yes it really was extremely blatant and out in the open, and there was a lot of it.

pretty funny when you see someone in england driving an american pickup truck around and then they can't drive down any residential street or go through the ticket barrier in sainsburys car park because the car is too wide. i hope they all die

very annoying that the local hospital has almost no phone network connectivity for most of the mobile operators

I made a blogpost on the latest pride commission I made, and I've released a pack of emojis for everyone to grab via (link in blogpost), one is animated for the funsies, lol #BrynnDraws #MastoArt #Art

Join the battle to fight evil and get flustered over girls in the lesbian road trip RPG GET IN THE CAR, LOSER!, now 20% off in the Steam summer sale!

one day I can open my circus-themed hooterslike bar and restaurant with the slutty clown servers and I’m gonna name it Honkers

making lil skeletor noises at myself as i paint a skeleton

I am begging you to stop saying "humanity" is destroying the planet.

The destruction of the planet is a direct consequence of European colonialism and ongoing cultural, political, and economic imperialism.

White people are destroying the planet.

US Courts, please read if eligible for jury duty 

Take jury duty. Women are going to need jury nullification.

@phillyis sneaking through an open window, putting an empty bowl on the floor, and then howling until somebody comes to see and I just look at them and then stare at the bowl

Purring and rubbing against the leg of someone whose home I've broken into. It's *not* a sex thing, I'm just very confused about what a cat burglar is

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