a vending machine is simply an authoritarian fridge

if you've experienced the joys of certain parts of rural france you know what I'm talking about

if you haven't, well, lucky you

little-known perk of moving to a city: you don't have to check your bathrobe for spiders anymore

so this is from a video by the official bad crafts channel full of fake life hacks and the fact that a content mill can be this self aware is fucking art
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damn why have i never thought about this life hack WTFF this would literally make my life so much easier

and... it worked right out of the box?

well, kinda, there's a few minor niggles but it's good enough for me

grainy textures low-poly halloween ftw

Ah yes, making fun of chinese products' manuals, that old staple of terminally incompetent tech youtubers, and not at all casual racism

tech industry innovators be like what if your light bulb was the cops

surprise thrift find of today: this game, which I don't expect to see re-released any time soon, or ever, so that's nice

no idea how good or bad it is, it's one if those I never managed to get working on win98, I gave my copy away long ago

also I learned there at least 3 games, not 2 as I thought, so if it's good that's one more thing to hunt around for

if anyone can find me a 32x32 transparent background icon of the netscape communicator wheel I'll be forever in your debt



You pilfer the legendary warhammer Werewolfsbane, which was once used to behead an ant.

these two kids on the bus in private school sweatshirts are having a very intense friendly conversation out of which I caught the sublime sentence fragment “—well, Skeletor can be enby, cuz—“

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