*poison ivy tries to murder the CEO's of the companies destroying the planet*

90's reader: "shes crazy. that is criminal"

2020 reader: "about time someone did it"

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there can't possibly be anything so complicated about gender or sexuality that it's more challenging for the basic chud to understand than all those weird fucking rules of cishet masculinity

I had forgotten how shit fallout 4's UI is

you can press I to pop up the pip boy on the inventory tab. Fine, unless you have the pip boy already opened on another tab, in which case fuck you

in settlement building mode you quit some functions with tab, others with esc. is there a logic to that? dunno, I'm not even sure Todd knows

also, in settlement mode I can't move right (the key is hardcoded to another function because of course), so I do all that stuff while running around in circles 🙃

Birbsite mention; Academia; Slur mention 

I can already hear the "defeat you with facts and logic" bros

"But being called a fag isn't a safety thing!"

Yes, it always is

People use slurs not just because they are hurtful words that we don't like, but because they send a second meta-level message, namely, "I can get away with this and no one will stop me, and you can use your imagination as to how far that might go"

And yes, it is a teacher's job to ensure that learning can happen without that

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thinking about how the art director for morrowind got his wacky designs in the game by submitting extra wacky designs to todd howard, being told to tone it down, and then doing the wacky designs he originally wanted to do

im looking for queer community/housing in PDX area to move into as soon as is feasible

i dont want to go into detail about my current housing, to summarize it: landlady has gotten a lot more abusive in the last few weeks

boost so i can have more eyes on this post thank you


I was on tour with a young Basquiat-style visionary painter called Jesus the Magus who made giant paintings of spongebob and crazy frog and we would go around, he would show his paintings and I would give a speech about it. I was in the middle of saying "the thing about the Magus, and if you've ever met him you'll know what I'm talking about, is he's got this thing called the Jesus-vision..." when I fell off the stage

After one day, my leeks appear to be growing! Infinityleek!! :o

Image alts: cut leeks with their roots in water-filled glass jars on a windowsil

oof, anyone have a quick python script ready to change the path prefix for all images in a .blend file?

when will my husband* return home from the war**

*my cat
** sitting on someone else's lap

reorganizing the stickers on a rubik's cube to make it unsolvable

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