Shout out to one of my all time favorite internet things: this collection of images of novelty baby clothing on zazzle but with the default model switched to an adult.

holy shit someone from Amazon asked if they could do a dev stream with encompass but were put off by the Cooperative Software License and asked me to change it to Apache or MIT.

working. as. intended.

status: copying files from phone to phone with a goddamn desktop pc like it's 1932 :toot:

Before mass adoption of the pointing device (primarily the mouse, of course), keyboards tended to have long coiled cables. You can find lots of 70's/80's photographs of people kicking back, putting their feet up on the desk and the keyboard in their lap.

This is worth thinking about. Thinking about how "doing work at your desk" has changed over the past few decades.


(apparently I just spent a whole hour just changing settings back to "pls don't spy")

well fuck me, if you thought google and facebook were bad (and they are), wait til you boot a xiaomi phone for the first time

I wonder how many people know all their data goes... somewhere because they said yes to the pop-up at the beginning of the install, or were scared by the lies in the warnings

that thing is a case study in dark patterns

We're off to a great start, this nano sim card holder is too small for my nano sim card, good job

Cracking open fidget spinners to get at the delicious ball bearings inside.

Does anyone know how to check the real android version of a device? this cheapy noname tablet says it's 6.0 but won't take any f-droid package with a required version higher than 4.0 (I can force an install but the apk parser crashes straight up)

rather suspicious, that

notice that it doesn't tell you anywhere which file it is, that would be too easy

presented without comment

(the bit of French means: Error 0x0000: operation successful")

Shout-out to the town hall official who decided that today, of all days, was the time to cut the grass 2cm shorter than it is right below my windows

Thanks for the noise, the fact that I have to close my windows at the only time I can cool down the place, and the shower of debris, well done lads

one thing that's tricky about the internet, especially here, i've realized, is that things move so quickly that it's really hard to say "you know what, i'm not in a place to have this conversation right now, but i hear you and want to come back to it"

as someone who has really intense emotional reactions to things that tend to fade quickly, that's the only way i get through my irl relationships, and i wish there was a way to bring that kind of "i'm gunna step back rn but i want to come back to this" mentality to online

ukpol, cursed shitpost 

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