i gave openais dalle the start to the GNU/Linux copypasta, i love this LMAO

What even is adulthood?

Biologically, turning 24 and ceasing growth?

Economically, turning 18 and ready to be exploited in the workplace, or kill in a war?

Sociologically, having to kill all your interests, and replace them. With drab, unexciting, bland, tasteless doldrum. Or you'll forever be economically locked out of any opportunity, for expressing yourself.

Adulthood is bullshit, don't ever grow up.
Grow your interests, and never lose yourself.

@niconiconi @chjara “capitalists irreparably damage new and useful technology” is a common trend

computer science would be so different and so much more fun without capitalism and the incentives it brings

"Child-rearing doesn't have to be authoritarian and oppressive. We can help guide our children, and develop their capacity to advocate for and assert themselves without being coercive. The best way to protect young people is to protect them FROM the institutions that were supposedly set up to protect them, but ended up hurting them the most."

This is an excellent video that expresses what I think better than I could.


#childrensrights #anarchism #antiauthoritarianism

@juliana@eldritch.cafe I think you really see this in newer social media aswell, especially tiktok is designed to be consumed in such a way where you have little agency over the content passing over your screen at any given moment and all you do is train a model on your preferences to make it more usable for you... its disturbing how so many especially younger people have that as their main source of entertainment and how much that solidifies/establishes themselves as consumers to have corp content handed to them rather than people doing what they like

node.js malware packaged into .exe is fun because you can literally just run `strings` on it and it will give you half of the source code

i think flies are cute af. when they groom themselves they remind me so much of cats but smaller.

"Oh they're just doing <extreme thing> for attention!"

And? Humans need attention, and if someone is resorting to extremes to get it, they either desperately need it or something is wrong and they need empathy and help.

It's so weird to be "oh, they're just doing it to satisfy a fundamental human need" as if it's so obviously deserving of harsh judgement

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

Many people prefer to consume their audiovisual media at resolutions and data rates that are as high as possible (thus consuming as much energy as possible). This is, of course, an extremely unsustainable preference.


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