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i think flies are cute af. when they groom themselves they remind me so much of cats but smaller.

Honestly, legalize lsd and weed or ban alcohol and cigarettes. Some consistency please.

Did you know that boys wearing skirts are:
- not necessarily trans but can be
- still valid
- absolutely adorable and or handsome (if they want to be)
- still subversive
- did I mention valid yet?

"Oh they're just doing <extreme thing> for attention!"

And? Humans need attention, and if someone is resorting to extremes to get it, they either desperately need it or something is wrong and they need empathy and help.

It's so weird to be "oh, they're just doing it to satisfy a fundamental human need" as if it's so obviously deserving of harsh judgement

I like to think of society as a pendulum with the equilibrium as the ideal state. With every movement there will likely be some overshooting the goal creating a counter-movement.

almost done with the book. it was a very interesting read, but seems to spiral more and more from abstract philosophy to pseudo-science in its latter half

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@eletrotupi While I DO care about them i would still rather see more public transport. self-driving cars would probably still be useful in situations where you need a taxi or in rural towns

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

Many people prefer to consume their audiovisual media at resolutions and data rates that are as high as possible (thus consuming as much energy as possible). This is, of course, an extremely unsustainable preference.

I'm thankful for the alone-time I've had growing up. While only being alone with your thoughts can be an echo chamber, it can also give time to question any established belief without fear of social rejection.

logged back into twitter.. gonna need to relax for a bit after that

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