The true meaning of life lies in what goals we set for our-self and the ability to live up to it coupled by the fact that we are strongly focused on the little things in life. - monthly contest winner from , take the survey at

Life is only meaningful when you are living for others selflessly. When this is done, you help others to exist meaningfully and to achieve their destinies. - monthly contest winner from , take the survey at

Life is an uncertain equation of ups and downs. Spiritually is the breath of God that gives us life. Physically, we are to born and make achievements through this life and our mentality defines our purpose in life. - monthly contest winner from , take the survey at

Can money buy you happiness or solve the meaning of life? Interesting read at

At the end of the day, we’re humans and we struggle with existential issues like what’s the meaning of life, and who am I? And those sort of questions. Don’t go away when you get a bunch of money. -

The TV series Watchmen from HBO dips into philosophy and touches upon the purpose of life. Find out more in our blog article at

Life is a journey into the unknown. - Randomly selected contest winner for the month of April. Take the survey at and tell us the meaning of life.

When you identify what makes you cry, and you tap into it, you receive a major piece of the puzzle for your purpose, your why, and begin seeing your pathway to a life that matters. -


Picard and Data discuss the meaning of life in the season finale. Read about it here and let us know what we missed by commenting here or on the website

“We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that.” - Christof from .

If you you were Truman, would you stay or leave? Read the movie review at -

Can you imagine being krill, and the whole point of your life is having sex. How tedious. - Comic book series

Read the review at

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