He meets a young woman named Rubi and takes her on the road.[3]

Diane Downs is sentenced to life in prison, and her two surviving children are adopted by the prosecutor Frank Joziak and his wife, Lola.

Stander disarms the partner only to be shot by the officer multiple times.

After they are safely back on the mainland and the proper authorities informed, it is implied that the teens will receive a reward for discovering the island and will have an audience with the President of the United States.

Their fears soon become a reality: zombies start to appear all across the village, the victims encountering them with hilarious results.

Finding life difficult on his own in Seoul, he returns to his family begging forgiveness.

Outside, Mi-ae recognizes with tears the tree in the photo she has kept all this time and realizes it is Mak-dong's family home.

Shown through a series of loosely connected vignettes of figures from humanity's past, from Attila the Hun, to the "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Bathory, all of which depict various acts of evil both physical and metaphysical.

Francard comes back for Judith and the film ends as the room is seen empty.

Now, Rasathi is married to Aadhityan but she hates him.

Agnes turns to the camera, half-smiling, leaving Mi-ja's fate on an ambiguous note.

The next day the Osborne parents are reunited with Samantha and Jill sits rocking on the well before dropping Samantha's doll into it.

Yuwen, watching from the wall, is joined by Liyan as Zhichen departs.

Afterwards, Dee and Yuchi are reinstated in their positions.

When the gangland-style rats find out that he is the one on duty, they try to take over.

O'Barry walks around the crowded meeting room displaying the images until he is escorted from the room.

The rest of the movie’s plot revolves around the club members and their efforts to get C-Note kicked out, while he disrupts the club’s atmosphere.

Having finally apparently learned his lesson, Beau offers Chérie his jacket and gallantly helps her onto the bus.

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