When Bertha is implicated in the murder of a wealthy gambler, the pair become fugitives.

Whitmore narrates that from then on, the world was a better place.

However it is First Mate Lunceford (Richard Widmark) who teaches him about life.

Tom agrees not to turn them in to the police—but tells them that he will go back to his motel and run it properly from now on.

He repeatedly mentions the color of the room and that he wants to go back to a different color, mirroring Kazan's initial appearance in the first film.

The film ends with Twinken sitting right next to Barney, who has reverted to his doll form.

Legendary director John Ford, who previously attacked racism in his 1956 film The Searchers, explored similar territory in this landmark Western, the power of which still rings out decades later.3

Wong and his family decide to settle in Hong Kong to help the local government maintain peace and security.

Based on a real-life case in 1925, two great lawyers argue the case for and against a science teacher accused of the crime of teaching evolution.

When Barbarella asks Pygar why he saved a tyrant, he replies: "An angel has no memory."

Carolyn's spirit praises Troy for taking on such responsibilities.

Ian, now their manager, says on the phone the band will start touring in six months, or "three months if they behave themselves." Their album LIVE IN PRISON goes triple platinum.

They both commemorate Annie by writing her a message on top of the plane and fly it across the river bank.

Sammy tries to help his pal, with unexpected results.

It's up to a young storyteller and her warrior comrades from around the world to rise up and stand against the invasion of Wugreb and the return of Tech City.

Eddie and Fats compliment each other as players, and Eddie walks out.

Who is the killer and what does he want from Julie?

Uncle Russell sits on the roof naked, like Oscar had been, complaining about how "everything is so green."

Throughout the day, he makes the assumption that he is an secret agent.

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