Ennio Morricone's opening theme music features Domenico Modugno singing the movie's credits.

Finally, they proclaim the world that Sarojini has died and the movie ends public giving tribute to Madam.

As he starts to abuse his daughter, the Butcher, between more and more incoherent thoughts, tries to justify his act by asserting that the world condemns his love for his daughter, surely not because it is evil but because it is too powerful.

The Blands buy the building for their new restaurant, Paul and Mary's Country Kitchen.

After a series of ups and downs both of their budding relationships with others crash and burn, just in time for a chance meeting on the MBTA train heading to Wonderland station, on the outskirts of Boston.

The band conducts an American Idol type contest to find a replacement.

As his wedding day fast approaches, he'll have to decide he is truly ready to make the leap into the rest of his life.

When things are getting worse, Venu wears a Zorro-like guise, teaches Govindayya and his son a lesson and paves the way for a happy family reunion.

When Jan looks down from painting the mural, he sees Sophia, who has joined the convent, and they share tender smiles.

The film tells the story of the Pandava prince Abhimanyu.

Thus, we see the birth of Emiliano, where he is recognized like the possible leader of his town. Zapata will have to break with his vision of the "real reality" and to enter in that other magical knowledge of the Mexican tradition and its inscrutable religious "sincretismo".

The film is divided into three self-contained episodes, set in different time periods and featuring female protagonists whose names all start with letter M as in the word mal (evil) and who commit crimes of passion.

She explains that he ate everything she ever cooked and never hit her.

As Alice moves in with her boyfriend, the illusionist departs on a train, where he declines an opportunity to perform a magic trick for a child.

Connor hurries back to the jai tham's base and rescues Amanda.

As the carriage slowly sinks, Cartouche tells his men to disperse as he vows to avenge the death of his beloved Venus - a way that he anticipates will lead him sooner or later to the gallows.

Grace, Marjorie's daughter, whom Keene presumably adopted after marrying her mother, runs to Keene and hugs him.

The tension mounts as the affair blossoms into something intense, and ends with a twist that will catch most people off guard.

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