With Chachoo, he proves that he is not guilty, and brings down Chang's whole gang.

Jacob, however, still tormented by his past and fearful of the future, leaves Lian and buries Gallain before he resumes traveling on his own.

Things take a turn for the worse when the body of a young girl is unearthed in his parents' backyard during some construction, which ends up awakening a spirit intent on harvesting the souls of everyone in the town.

As hidden truths about the Wen clan and their dark part are revealed through flashbacks, Yuan finds himself forced to fight their infamous Five Element Array in order to complete his quest and escape in one piece.

Wacky eventually wins the World Series for the Sox, but this time, it's only because the woman he loves is there.

A fiercely tender attraction grows between the three like-minded individuals, showing Paloma a more lovely side of life than she originally thought possible and forcing her to reconsider her plan of suicide.

However, his life takes a drastic turn when Gayathri enters his life.

She returns to Sherboyco, where she admits she loves Teddy and asks him and Sam to forgive her.

However, Uma, after an unfortunate encounter with her brother-in–law, lands in prison, and the couple is reunited in the climax.[vague].

In order to circumvent their refusal, he has the men charged with the murder of a woman, who had recently committed suicide.

His entry into the lives of various residents in the community has unexpected results - some funny, and some heartbreaking.

She finally decides to retire in a convent but is unable to forget her lost love.

Harikanandha Bhagavathar is a hypocrite saint who lusts after a chaste court dancer Devakumari.

The life of Lee's brother, who has been sentenced to death in the electric chair, depends on them getting evidence against Boyd.

How the two families learn to adjust with each other and come up with solutions for their problems forms the plot of the story.

I'm none too sure at all." On the top of the mountain, the women laugh.

As Kate and Michael share a kiss and walk away, an Allosaurus emerges from the volcano's crater.

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