The statue of Balto stands proudly in the sunlight.

For his heroic actions, Jinx is reinstated and wins back Linda's affections.

He dies in prison in November of 1950 due to a coronary thrombosis, and Lo dies the next month on Christmas Day from childbirth complications.

In the wake of his death, Daniel's friends start a theatre company to carry on his work.

They are overjoyed to see Babla back and Babla promises to everyone that he will study sincerely and never create trouble for anyone.

Holland, Rhianna and Sarah returns safely to Holland's home in the Cayman Islands.

The two then fly away in the helicopter to an uncertain future, leaving the now-abandoned mall to be overrun by the zombies.

Naturich, about to be arrested for the killing of Hawkins, commits suicide while huddled among her child's playthings.

With George helping the twins' mom coach the team, they and their soccer team embark on the road to a championship for their local soccer league (which they do end up winning).

How Ram Babu finished Nandini's task and how Nandini developed a bond of love in this process form rest of the story.

In the last few minutes, Rachel makes a desperate decision and cuts the blue wire because the red wire represents the red string of fate between Jimmy and herself.

Eventually, Kit's grandson successfully resurrects the family music hall, before joining the RAF to fight in the second World War.

Before leaving, Tenoch tells Julio he will see him again; however, the narrator reveals that this interaction is their last meeting.

In the end, Rick's and Marla's baby son Tiger helps Tulsa win the bet for the outfit—and Lili's heart.

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