Villaronga himself said that this was a very "light" adaptation.4

As they hike across the desert, Sanzang looks across the sand and sees an image of Duan.

Ram Junior hands over Gandhi's footwear and spectacles which his late grandfather had previously collected from the place of the shootout and had treasured throughout his life.

Allow me to introduce myself—I'm the Invisible Man!" The boys jump out of the boat and swim away while the Invisible Man laughs.

Ake's ghost, now legless, sits outside in the hallway and apologizes to Buppah for the rest of his ghost eternity.

Although her friends find the idea laughable, Claire finds that if she had gone out, she would not have met the cute pizza delivery boy.

To Derrick's surprise, Naomi was revealed to be alive after he confessed.

Matt has to go to an extreme to win Sandra’s heart, as she struggles with choosing between the living or the dead, with tragic results.

Years later, Chandu is brought to Aravindan by Joy, and amidst all the accusations that Chandu hears, an emotionally overwhelmed Aravindan shows the first sign of movement, a tear falling from his eye, since his accident.

She smiles wryly when people around her refer to as "Mrs. Mitchell", or simply "Jack's wife".

Miles) skips church with his family to get naked with his friends and listen to Roberta Flack.

The prisoner's rebel once again and start to attack the guards until Ricky reaches the prison wall, breaking it allowing the prisoners and himself to go free.

Sitting on the edge of the bridge beside their mangled pickup, Jeff and Amy embrace each other.

The film ends when Kate narrates that the family becomes stronger and closer together.

He asks her to dinner, and she offers to share a coffee with him before her flight takes her to her next game assignment in Australia.

But when an innocent young couple John and Harriett (Brian Deacon and Sally Faulkner)1 stumble into the vampires' lair, they find themselves sucked into an unforgettable vortex of savage lust and forbidden desires.

The late composer's Japanese wife and daughter also make appearances as themselves.

Along the way he meets characters not dissimilar to Eccles, Henry Crun and Minnie Bannister from The Goon Show.

At the wedding of the Prince and the Princess, the Lilac Fairy and the King arrive by helicopter and declare that they too are to be married.

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