Last fall my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Our entire family, including his seven grandchildren, are cheering him on every day as he battles this horrible cancer. In June we will be doing the Ride for Roswell to raise money in honor of his battle and Roswell’s miss...

First time record shopping in probably 15 years! Picked up Sharon Van Etten and Fugazi, two of my faves.

I’m really digging a couple new albums from today: Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost from Foals and SASAMI’s self-titled full-length.

Signed up for Vinyl Me, Please to grab De La’s 3 Feet High and Rising. I’ve wanted that record for awhile so very excited. Anyone have experience with the service? Feel like I remember either or @Rianvdm posting about it before.

Saw Angela Davis at UB tonight. So smart and thought provoking.

About one-third of Americans say using blackface is acceptable - Pew Research Center →

How can a legit research service use both ‘sometimes’ and ‘rarely’ as options on this? Regardless, the results are sad.

H2O at Blind Mellon’s in 1996-ish: think they opened for Sick of it All. So good!

Hot Water Music: Cleveland Hardcore Fest 95. Blew me away.

Head over to @noechodotnet today to see a collection of my photos from the 90s hardcore scene. (Pictured: Autumn at Lost Horizon in Syracuse)

90s Hardcore Photo Party (Upstate New York Edition) - No Echo →

Check out some of my photos from the 90’s hardcore scene in Western New York and surrounding areas! More here.

Another fave from the 90s: Mineral at the Detroit Hardcore Fest (1996?)

Yeah Amherst Girls! Zoey in the gray helmet along the wall with her team. They got to skate during a recent Beauts game. 🏒

Our precious Earth and the lunar far side – Dwingeloo Radio Telescope - CAMRAS →

Awesome pictures!

Maggie Rogers | House Of Strombo - YouTube →

Great interview and a couple acoustic songs, including a Whitney Houston cover.

Added some new photos to my band photo Flickr album. Most are mid to late 90s punk and hardcore bands.

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