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honestly if i replaced my entire online presence

with an elaborate system of markov matrices and eliza-bots

the quality of my posts would likely improve

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always on the lookout for an instance that is Nice, but also willing to put up with my bullshit

probably doesnt exist lol

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hi! im μ (mu)

im strange, charming, sometimes up sometimes down

im a lewdposting, shitposting alt, dont mind me

pronouns and stuff are in bio

trying out new ways of being annoying on the internet

im pretty friendly, say hi if you want!

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thats me in the corner, thats me in the spotlight
thats me in the combination corner and spotlight

type of guy who's birdplace account is just

incredibly detailed descriptions

of every shit he has ever taken

with vibrant and nuanced discussions among his followers underneath

say what you want about me

at least i'm not shitterman

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yeah, i'm really big on investing*

*putting on oversized vests

yeah, i'm into gaming*

*obsessively playing minesweeper until 5am on a weeknight

was watching jumanji 2 the other day

got to the part where awkwafina shows up

was like "hey, it's noraaaaa!!!"

nora doing danny devito and kevin hart doing old guy voice were the best parts of that movie

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awkwafina is a good actor

nobody can tell me different

if you have to ask

then yes, it is a sex thing

i am a simple creature

governed by cause and effect

post has the cooch word, i fav

cause and effect

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there's three kinds of respect. respect for personhood, which should be extended to everyone. personal respect, which is gained. and erotic respect, which i have for your mum specifically

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feeding time piggies (when i fill your 'feeds' with my bad posts)

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"hey can i get uhhhhhhh love and affection?"
"sir this is a Wendy's..."

alc, nudity 

goals for tonight:

get tipsy

fall asleep naked

that's it

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once i develop social skills it’s over for you bitches

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invite me to your discord server and i'll make incredibly awkward and unfunny jokes in a desperate attempt to be liked

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might overshare with some complete strangers later 😎

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