@engil Wow, that's wild. Is that effect an artifact of the recording tech or the camera location?

@ctrlaltchaos It’s the actual view I had in Singapore at around 7:30pm, I’m not sure what’s the name of the phenomenon (turns out it hard to google :D) but it was nearing sunset

@engil Hrm, then it's probably a mirage. It's telling that the division is right between your eyes, the chances of that happening without being caused by perspective should be astronomically small. As in: I bet everyone in 100km to the left or right saw this happening exactly above them.

@engil take a look at this i.imgur.com/0BPWn.jpg
I think your phenomenon might be a kind of fog bow.

@ctrlaltchaos interesting, thanks! It seems to hold a bit, but there was no irisation to be seen in this case, but from what I gather irisation is not always to be seen in fogbows

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