I looked for thirty minutes in a quest to find a bird on a cherry tree.

You know a picture is art when you shot it with film. Or maybe you were ten in the early 2000s and silly.

Glad to see the restauration industry finally caught up with the times, good to see “obscure” academic concepts hitting the mainstream mastodon.social/media/EWAD6WAm

You eventually get used to drinking your takeaway kopi in a plastic bag in Singapore. mastodon.social/media/HKTnYTuJ

You can’t trust anyone when it comes to regional delicacies, can’t you.

GB emulator dev 

Me: Urgh. Aren't bits like, the worst abstraction ever. Vram's all fucked up.
SO's BF: I mean at this point you can't really call bits an abstraction.
Me: uh.

On a side note.
Holy duck, finally I can display something.

working desk mess 

Sending the debug squad

This debugger is slowly going somewhere, Notty is so cool. \o/

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