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Moving away from this account, you can find me at eldritch.cafe/@engil if my feed was any interesting to you :)

Moving away from this account, you can find me at eldritch.cafe/@engil if my feed was any interesting to you :)

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The project report from their sprint retreat! Amazing how many projects they touched -- mirage.io/blog/2019-spring-ret

@yomimono that looks pretty cool, is it still comfortable enough? I’ve been sporadically looking into trying to sustain whatever wardrobe I have and this is neat :)

I should get back to code at some point.

I looked for thirty minutes in a quest to find a bird on a cherry tree.

@Kensan oh! I didn’t know Kuidaore, will eventually report back, thank you! :)

@Kensan tbh we picked Osaka for our stay mainly because we remembered the food to be overall amazing.
Also because Kansai is fun and it's a nice city, but yeah, the food. :D

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IIT Madras is running OCaml/#MirageOS straight on their Shakti RISC-V CPU!

“As a first step, we have managed to get OCaml programs to run on directly on top of the Shakti processor running in simulation under QEMU and Spike ISA simulators...”

“... next step will be getting the code to run on a Shakti softcore on an FPGA. ... we will also be targeting the $100 Arty A7 hobbyist board and release all of the software under liberal open-source licenses.”

Blog post:

@yomimono that’s not sleeping, waking up at 6:30 is how I define a power nap

@cynicalsecurity at the last MirageOS hack retreat there were also conversations about making publicly available some instance to use the learning web environment used in the OCaml MOOC, which looked pretty nice, but I don’t remember much. @Armael @hannesm ?

@cynicalsecurity OCaml from the very beginning and More OCaml (by the same author) are two great books, albeit there’s no free version online last time I checked.

Real World OCaml is also a nice book that is available online for free, with a refresh coming soon (that is available online too on the dev version website). Only thing I don’t enjoy much is the usage of Core as the go to standard library for the book, which hardly matters because most changes are small, except for async stuff.

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I am thinking of learning #ocaml, would anyone be willing to share his recommendations on where to start from?

Thank you :flan_smile:

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Notice how there's actual characters showing up so I may be onto something one day.

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