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it's all office speakers content this week apparently

just checked, and their songs have been used as themes for three wwe ppvs and counting

imagine dragons just came on the office speakers, and despite being apparently very popular I can’t imagine anyone actually listening to as music?

it’s strangely aseptic, like it was made in a clean room by robot arms without any human input. ideal for use in trailers, adverts, and wwe ppv themes; rock’s answer to two steps from hell, but someone accidentally released it as actual music.

(I don't like it)

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no cray-1 supercomputers on ebay :(

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If you sample-slice a Romantic-era piano piece, that's called Frederic Chopinscrew

can’t wait to discover the secret origin of this sticky toffee pudding

I remember on a very early episode of @memhaz we talked about the gas and coal power stations you see on the train up north, many of which are still there, but more noticeable now are all the renewables; wind turbines and solar farms. It’s really heartening to see!

questions to which the answer is: hell yea

was listening to the ns podcast (bc I hate myself and can’t get enough stephen bush content) and heard helen lewis say “I read a really good piece on slate star codex” and then everything went dark, and now I’m covered in blood and everyone on this train is dead???

chapo issued a correction on this, I am appeased

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@tomharris get into indie wrestling imo (cannot promise an improvement in aesthetics but def get a communal experience)