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results of asking my divination students to write a javascript/p5js function that generates random numbers (without using built-ins like random() or Math.random()) mastodon.social/media/mUrd6N7K top one is Math.random() for reference. (a few students cheated and used the noise() function in p5js :smirk:)

@enkiv2 @aparrish Now I'm fantasizing about a CS class titled "Divination".

Ꮢ๐ϲoᴄo Ⅿoԁem Ᏼasіlisk @enkiv2

@FrameOfStack @aparrish
Are you familiar with the Illuminatus! trilogy? In that book, there is a computer that performs an i-ching reading, and then searches for recent news articles that correspond to it. That kind of arbitrary automated filtering is interesting & maybe useful.
(I mean, we do it ourselves, but automating it is interesting in other ways)

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@aparrish @enkiv2 I haven't read it, but "Focault's Pendulum" has a similar theme - a computer which generates arbitrary connections, but which they start listening to. They know it is random, but find it fun to look for connections; they start taking it seriously without exactly noticing that they have. Effectively, the humans do the filtering; no automatic search needed.

@FrameOfStack @aparrish
Foucault's Pendulum is a book about apophenia, & so it actually goes further. One character blames illness on the computer's random number generator shuffling hebrew letters and thus fuzzing the universe.