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It's my sincerely held view that having opinions on anything is bad and invites trouble. I know this because every time someone has an opinion, someone disagrees with it, and this is bad because disagreement is bad. It's my view we should all just get along and not disagree.

Cloud computing, I think, can work if we make compute clouds completely public and accept David Brin's thesis in 'The Open Society' that all privacy is a thing of the past.

Short of that, cloud computing is an exceptionally powerful tool - the most powerful technological means yet created in human history - for an unaccountable elite to take control of all personal and corporate information.

It's going to be an interesting next few decades.

On that front: watch how things shake down between Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Why? Because Amazon runs a large amount of Netflix's computers.

I have a nasty untrusting mind, one that has heard very bad things about how Amazon treats its customer-competitors, and so I expect Amazon to make full use of that interesting fact.

If Netflix still exists in ten years time, I will have been well and truly wrong.

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The current political climate is a great illustration of why it's a bad idea to pray to Eris.

Next, also expect a US political-information-defense complex network of 'princelings' (in the Chinese sense) or oligarchs (in the Russian sense) to form.

This is practically here already, with Peter Thiel. There are no doubt more.

But expect it to become pervasive. Expect all jobs to be controlled by this group. All the US economy. All retail and transport and housing and food.

Now remember that some of these people are actual Nazis. Not all. But some.

The Cloud doesn't *cause* all this...

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So, given that the NSA exists, and can be considered to have hypervisor root to all US clouds, and that some extremely *motivated* forces on the US far right with access to the White House would love to have the NSA's capability (as yet they don't - but I expect eventually they'll get that)...

... the world is in the position of actual Nazis and just plain ruthless people having at least read access to *all* corporate clouds.

Expect this. Understand it. Imagine what it means.


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Hot take:
Papyrus is fine, when used in the opening credits to The Wicker Man or on the Rosemary's Baby poster.

Band name of the day: The Screaming Reverse Executioner Mutual Aid Society

Jessica destroys the memory vault that held the Founders' basic directives.

The computer is now free.

It might decide to let the humans live past 30. It might release them to the outside world.

Or, it might decide that they are all superfluous.

It will, of course, consider the matter carefully.

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Starbound gives you a universe full of weird stuff to investigate; Minecraft gives more scope for building things. Factorio gives you the fun of constructing huge automated systems but struggles to give reasons why you'd want to

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One of my favorite features of Mastodon is its inability to ever grow anywhere near the size of a Twitter or a Facebook, at least in terms of a single instance. It's a Rails app on top of a single Postgres database – could any instance ever support more than a small city's worth of active users?

So even if there were 2 billion Mastodon users, there would have to be several thousand servers with several thousand admins, guaranteeing some level of "local sovereignty."

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Worst case scenario: some instance gets too big and powerful, rewrites the backend to support massive scaling, and cuts off federation the same way GTalk and Facebook cut off XMPP support. But then we're no worse off from where we started with Twitter and Facebook.

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kink adjacent

fetlang is a fetish-themed programming language

The source code looks like badly written erotica

I have a feeling many here might enjoy using it

Why the heck is The Ninth Configuration called that? Is it something in the book that never made it into the movie?

bad takes about using math as a foundation for moral philosophy 

oh no, I just actually said this out loud to myself:

"any set of categorical imperatives must be either inconsistent or incomplete; any meaningful consequentialism is formally undecidable; And Therefore Existentialism."

somebody stop me before I turn into a l*sswr*nger and start raving about basilisks

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