Yesterday I found out that not everyone knew how big the Gazebo was until I uploaded it on Sketchfab, so here is a video with a mailbox as reference for scale

A WIP of the ScorchWood, a dangerous and smoke-filled area that is perpetually recovering from being burned down.

Gonna try to make the GIF recorder for #GodotEngine today!

A simple node that records recent gameplay and creates a GIF for players to share! #gamedev

Here's the icon i made for the node:

Good morning friends, this server is once again suffering under a heavy load of traffic and I am once again working on making it work better. Please be patient :tiredcat:

@ajroach42 a depressingly large number of people think that computers (mobile devices included) "wear out" with age and use due to this phenomenon. The fact is that in the past 20 years or so that the reason the same computer is slower at doing the same tasks now compared to then is almost entirely due to surveillance and targeted marketing practices.

Even if you're not mining bitcoin literally most of the energy expended by most computers is driven by this BS.

Compiled @neauoire's uxn on macOS. The process was rather smooth. Only the SDL2 path from build script needed some tweaks. I guess less dependencies cause less compatibility issues.

The game turned out pretty good and ended up winning 1° place in both the "gameplay" and "theme" categories. Huge success!

You can play here for free(no download needed):


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I made a dice app for and , with a clean & friendly design customizable with a variety of themes.

• Displays total, highest and lowest result.
• Apply modifiers.
• You can even roll dice with custom amount of faces.
• Save dice sets to quickly roll them again later.
• Discard unwanted rolls (for advantage/disadvantage or if your character can reroll ones).
• Detailed past rolls history.

Get it here:

Improved zoomed mouse picking in Noodle, feels a lot better to move around and edit pixels now.

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A sudden inspiration when I woke up this morning lead me to implement a feedback LED value per node. This can be the envelope value, a sequencer position, an output signal, anything useful in the current node/modules context. I tried to replicate what VCVRack currently does with it's wire LEDs.

#vcvrack #modular #synthesizer #foss #musicproduction #linuxaudio #opensource #floss #music #programming #softwarelibre #audio #audioplugin #rustlang #coding#programmer #rustprogramming

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