The GOP are a bunch of spineless cowards letting trump run over them shamelessly. The attacks on witnesses is a shameful display of school yard bullying. IT will put a damper on future whistle-blowers.


@Thunderbirds511 Seriously! The GOP has become a soulless criminal enterprise. Trump, his administration, the GOP Congressional leadership and even conservative judges are committing treason and unaccountable. If the American people can't come together and vote them out, we're in for a rough ride. More than that, we need leadership with the backbone to throw these crooks in prison and ensure that they cannot come back in eight years.

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@Thunderbirds511 Being realistic, I think we're in for a decades long struggle against nationalism and plutocracy. I hope the people are up for the fight, because it's beginning not ending.

@enthdegr33 decades long is a depressing thought but you are probably correct in your estimate.

@Thunderbirds511 I'd love to be wrong, but we can look to the historical record of Europe and Asia at this point. Our situation is hardly unique, right? If there is a promise, it's that these national leanings ebb and flow. The future is progressive, but there is definitely a regressive current in the right wing, fascist GOP. I can't imagine that will resolve itself without a fight. I only hope that the revolution is peaceful.

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