normal day normal shit right now!
Good Morning/Afternoon/Night 👋😎 Whichever floats your boat or sinks it! I Titanicly need a lot of high grade Hash right now! 😑

Tell your reps to reject the EARN IT Act. It would be used to undermine encryption, and it violates the Constitution’s protections for free speech and privacy.
AutoZen is a software 'brain machine' for Linux. It generates sounds that are meant to cause the brain to temporarily shift to a different dominant frequency and cause the user to experience an altered state of consciousness.

The Latin Bjork! One of my favourite new female artists!
Lido Pimienta - Nada | A COLORS SHOW

Tryimg to reprogramme christians to realise.. It's a "double edged blade"
Im trying stop the now easy to manipulate via technology "antichrist as jesus" with blind faith and over gullible mindsets.. I doubt they will understand that there little book of god is also there little book of the devil.. Yin and Yang! Pysche...

"I'm non religious, A buddhist at the most but not really.. I have a templars logic only!"

From last Friday, Barred spiral galaxy M95. 20cm f3.9 Newtonian telescope. 9 min L, 4 min each RGB. M95 is about 33 Mly away in the constellation of Leo. #astrophoto

The disclosure as of march.. These may not be in correct order infographically.. Heres the no bullshit media stright up datasets!


Making "medicinal mushroom" salad chilli bean burritos.. Garden to plate mortar and pestle.. Best burritos in the mother effin universe 👊😎

Conscious Hip Hop with a nice Indian Sitar sympathetic strings vibe.. "beware haters" No hate lyrics or degrading here.. Just insight and Good Vibes.. itunes -->
I love heavy metal punk sinces the 80's and these days my music field is more diverse than full time musicians I know..
No day is the same for me so mood alters music choices in realtime 😉

@cypnk @cypherpunk
Hey @cypherpunk 👋😎 been busy making organic brazilian and greent tea tonics and home made salad "garden to plate" chilli bean burritos.. Should put up some pics.. Also got offered work with local jaoanese restaurant *fingers crossed that happens"

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Imma be honest with you chief I never wanted to go outside as much as now

M101 showing my advances in processing techniques over time. First two same data from 12.7cm Mak-Cas, reprocessed with better technique. Third through 20cm Newtonian telescope. Last monochrome image from 50cm Baker-Nunn telescope.

I have a new room mate.. I just put some cheese there, he cam back and nibbled it.. ☺

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