Programming is basically being stuck in an endless loop of awful until the sun expands to swallow up the earth and we all coalesce into the molten remains of this hellplanet we once called home

Blows my mind that recruiters don't have diversity numbers ready to go when talking to women engineering candidates. If you can't anticipate that your'e going to be asked that, it's obvious that it's not a high enough priority for your company.

With news of selling user inbox info to Uber, lots of people are repeating "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

I've said before, and will continue to say, that that is the wrong formulation. Sometimes you pay for it and you're still the product – look at US ISPs. Sometimes you don't pay for it and you're not the product – free software.

The real question is whether a software or service empowers users, which can't be boiled down to whether you paid.

I have this weird urge to go home and program something fun. I haven't had that in a while.

Baby showers where people guess the baby's gender are so weird

PSA about whorephobic slur, transphobic slur used an example 

"prostitution" is the wording people use to shame and oppress full service sex workers. When describing that concept, say "full service sex work" not "prostitution".

It's a straightforward word substitution. In exactly the same manner as you would say "trans woman" instead of "tranny"

Not feeling good about this, but I'm committing some code that's definitely going to fuck the next developer who has to deal with it.


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