omg i did it i remembered my mastodon login. amazing

family party today.......... DEEP BREATH
,,, i'm very anxy

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Do not underestimate the value of 'soft' skills! Even in groups that do tech work like software development having people whose primary skills have nothing to do with software is important.
One hacker space I went to for a bit was mostly held together by a kid who came in and didn't know anything about what people were doing, they just liked to sit there and watch and talk to people as they worked.
Without them I think that the space would have fallen apart.

People like that are very important.

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Observe the prettiest rainbow kitty! Found a way to resize these images to make them high enough res to add to my Redbubble shop without much loss in quality, because mad skillz. Gonna do a series of these. :)

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Neverwinter Nights with all the expansion stuff is free on GOG for 48 hours, pretty good deal

ayyy first doodle using c:
it's The Bae, Soo Jin (who some idiot part of me is considering making a webcomic about)

Content For Mastodon is like a hard-to-place in-between of public twitter content and private twitter content, but yinz should be relieved that this isn't where I'm choosing to post my Harada liveblogging

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Something I haven't done in a while, the "how you can help masto" post

@Gargron developed this all by himself for a few months and he has a Patreon

Bugs and features can be viewed on github and you are welcome to post new issues or comment there

is our developer's tag, tag your own or other people's projects into it. Developers can also chat on irc: channel

i'm? now old enough that people 7 years younger than me are 18??? dang

i'm pretty hype about Krita even though i haven't tried doing any Art in it yet (i'm just, playing with brushes)

hhow to stop wanting to hold someone's hand..............

I just installed Krita and went to look at the Getting Started guide, but
before even trying the software yet I'm already creating an account on the support wiki so I can fix an its/it's error in the documentation

sorry if I'm drowning you in notifications because I'm going on mastodon for the first time in 2 days,

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vance boosted Friday morning ! :D This is a fractal manipulation of a fractal rendered in Mandelbulb - then trees, water etc. added in Photoshop. I called this one 'Component'. :)

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