the fat pikachu plushy at work has been moved out of the cupboard and next to the bin. i dont want him to be thrown away but i dont want to ask to keep him in case everybody finds out i want the scatty old fat pikachu plushy

what's the best way to clean a ~20 year old fat pikachu plushy. can i just bung him in the wash

let me tell you the story of how i saved fat pikachu

when i got into work this morning fat pikachu was still by the bin

later on someone is sort out the rubbish and picks up fat pikachu and one of the teachers says "oh you can get rid of that"

and i blurt out "CAN I HAVE friend really likes fat pikachu. cos he's the original pikachu. i'm going to give him to my friend"

and the teacher's like "uh ok"

(he knew)

i had to stuff him into my bag so a) nobody else would know that i was taking home this scatty old fat pikachu except the three people who were witness to my outburst in the office

and b) so the kids wouldn't see me with fat pikachu cos the whole reason the teacher wanted to get rid of fat pikachu is cos he had caused some very nasty arguments, and after all the tears i didn't want them to see that i had in fact claimed fat pikachu for myself

my housemate does not like fat pikachu

a 26 year old man who cant go travelling without his cheburashka plushy, whose head must be poking out the top of his rucksack so it can "see what's going on"

doesnt like pikachunit

whoa ok there's a complicating factor

i just picked him up and polystyrene fell out of his ass

he's full of beanbag beans??? i guess that's why he's gone so flat, he's got all squished over the last two decades like beanbags do

makes me less eager to put him into the wash, can i wash a beanbag plushy in a washing machine

should i just buy some stuffing and restuff him (he'd be softer too)

@envgen yes but use the delicates cycle if he's elderly!

@envgen my friend who is Absolutely Definitely 💯% Probably Maybe Not Me [...]

Pokémon, cussing, body image stuff, kinda rude caption 

@envgen I wouldn't put him in the wash if he's got a leak. re-stuffing and sewing the hole up might be the way to go.

@gravezwave great!! i have no idea how to do this, how much stuffing do i need, he's very big

@envgen tbh my recommendation would just be buy a sizable bag and then stuff him to desired plushness, not knowing the dimensions of the fat pikachu

@envgen maybe try to empty out the beans? you could probably wash him if he's free of stuffing before re-stuffing, that'd prevent any patching up that you have to do from coming undone in the wash

@envgen I'm sure you can get replacement stuffing easily enough, and a needle and thread will fix the hole. (Or glue.)

@envgen happy to help if he needs any surgery! I also have a huge load of polyfill stuffing if he needs to be Even More Rotund

@Murkrow thank you!! it is a top priority. i might even cancel the gigs to Save Pikachunit

@Murkrow i turned him upside down and gave him a shake and he's already twice as tall and has a head

@envgen @Murkrow powderpaint: live at the royal build-a-bear operating theatre

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