what the fuck how do i fix my face

it grows hair constantly and causes massive dysphoria and i dont know how to make it stop or at least look okay long enough for me to not want to die

to be clear i want to be able to shave regularly enough to keep hair off my face while not getting horrible red rashes from razor burn even when i use fresh razors and something to lubricate

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@er1n do you have an electric shaver? i have sensitive skin and very dense facial hair and get horrific razor burn and cuts all over my face with any kind of wet razor (ive used cartridge razors, safety razors, feather blades, proraso soap, everythinggg) and the best solution ive found is a foil shaver with shaving oil and a thick shaving cream. i can shave every day now :blobcat:


@er1n theyre expensive (tho you dont have to buy cartridges) and dont shave quite as close as a wet shave but id happily trade that for NOT BLEEDING every morning

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