i would love to see a website where you type in your monthly expenditure and it tells you how long jeff bezos could live your lifestyle before he runs out of money

fwiw bezos could live my life for just shy of 8,432,177 years

forgot to take into account the different currencies so it's probably less than this. but w/e the pound will probably be at parity with the dollar next month

Forever... he can spend a quid every second for like 30 years, and that's a lowball estimate and he doesn't make any more in those calculations...

@envgen he doesn't have what it takes to be as wonderful as you.

@amphetamine idk his head is pretty shiny. thats gotta count for something

@amphetamine @envgen it reflects the viewer's sins back on them so that he never has to gaze upon his own

@envgen Alternately, a site where you put in your income and it tells you how long it takes for Bezos to make it. Apparently only counting his salary (and not any investments like all that amazon stock), it'd be just shy of 2 minutes for me. Under 30 seconds for the majority of americans.

@envgen wouldn't it usually be infinity years since he makes more money than most of us could ever spend?

@KitRedgrave but say he lost his job and had to sell all his shares. yknow. that thing that is a concern for ordinary people like jeff bezos

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