here's a photo i took when we went to the unitian stantes of amencarn's in 2008

at the time i was rly annoyed cos i forgot to wind the film on but in hindsight it rocks

here's some motion picture film i scan't

cool how the shots have different amounts of picture outside of the projected area

sorry forgot to caption this one:

multiple exposures - two of the washington monument, side by side. exposed over that is a red neon sign that reads 'roast pork and beef'

@envgen Did you try the food at DiNic's? Their sandwiches are great

@envgen how did you even get your hands on this holy shit

@Olli_W_ i used to work in a cinema at uni and i swiped some trailers they had lying around. you're meant to return the trailers to the distributor but they dont rly care if you dont


@envgen oh my lord i love this. permission to add this to an inspiration folder?

@envgen that circular light makes it look like a portal opened in the sky above and dropped that second monument on the right

just, right from somewhere else

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