do you clear out your downloads folder from time to time

@envgen on my work computer, yes. On my home computer, not since 2000 ^^

@envgen my downloads folder on my pc is my desktop so I organise it fairly frequently

@envgen I do it when my disk gets full because I install a lot of crap that's 1GB+ and run it from downloads once...

@envgen missing "when I can't dowload anymore files because my driver is full of installers savec in my download folder"

@envgen it stays behind when i get a larger disk with a new install, usually

@envgen im in a weird quatum state with this where, i try to keep my downloads folder relatively clean (mostly for disk space reasons. ssd, natch) but my music collection is spread across like 5 different folders and two hard drives

@envgen wtf no, I have a cronjob who does that for me based on last access time

@envgen all of my downloads folders get dumped into one big downloads folder i have on an external drive somewhere

can never be too careful

@envgen if "from time to time" means "about twice a year"...

@envgen yes but also my default downloads folder is my desktop

@envgen I Ctrl + X everything out of there as soon as the download is complete.

@envgen When I say "from time to time" I mean like, once every 2-4 years.

@envgen I clear mine out when I get a new computer. Then I have a "Downloads" folder and an "Old Downloads" folder.

@envgen I'm actually more of the "oof I need to clear this out... Later" kind of person

@envgen so i voted wtf who does that because it's not a yeah of course but i do clear it. It's more of a "oh i'm running low on space where can i save?" then the download folder either gets deleted fully, sorted by biggest size and delete some or fully archived somewhere cause you never know when i might want to go back and get something...


My downloads folder is split into sections (sub folders) for each program that can download..

Also since I'm using Linux it's trivial to go to the folder in the command line and just mv *.jpg *.mp4 ~/Media for example, and then sort it out from there 🙂

@envgen yes, by the extremely clever process of occasionally having a computer fail so catastrophically that i can't copy all the crap on the hard drive over to the next computer after realizing that i don't actually have recent backups.

@envgen My Download-Folder gets cleaned on every reboot

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