there are far too many emojis. theres like twenty five emojis which have the :O face and they're all called like "astonished" "nonplussed" etc. you used to just type :O and people would roughly know what you meant. but now theyre gonna see an emoji going :O and hover over it to find out which :O face its actually meant to be, and then ask you "why are you yawning, the emoji says yawning, i thought you'd be shocked"


@jk i feel everybody should have realised the wider problem when sending a yellow heart to someone with an android phone caused this to happen


So sending a yellow heart from iphone -> android == hairy balls?

Well played google...


@envgen @jk this is both disgusting to see, and disgusting to think about


@envgen @jk oh no I thought this was a joke but it isn't

I'm scared

@envgen What the fuck. What the hell was Google thinking.


@envgen @jk somebody tell google to stop fucking with the Unicode consortium, or Tom Scott will have to do a video on how disappointed he is.

@envgen @jk For the longest time I didn't realize it was supposed to be a yellow heart. Really want them to add the hairy heart to unicode so I can have it back

@envgen @jk For the record: this is why I refuse to update my Android device.

I like my yellow hearts too much.

@envgen @jk Anyone care to explain to me what this should represent?

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