the thing about people who say 'it gets better' is that they're the people for whom it got better

it's like rich people writing books on how to become successful. very easy to do if you're already successful

@envgen Except rich people don't write books on how to become successful. They write books on how to be rich. They start with a base assumption that you're fuckin loaded and work from there...

@envgen it doesn't get better, you just grow to handle it better.

@envgen *waters you like a houseplant* you're gonna be so capable sweetie

@envgen The main way it gets better, at least in the U.S., is that people depart the K-12 educational system and have more choice in who they spend time around. (If your coworkers have their heads up their assess, you can at least look for another job. And/or try to move to a more accepting locale.)

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