depression treatment seems very much to consist of flinging shit at the wall

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anyway looking forward to talking to my doctor next week to let him know none of the shit stuck to the wall and could he please give me a different bucket of shit to throw

@envgen oh yeah absolutely. it's super frustrating but also no way around it. just know that it's normal and you're not doing anything wrong.

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@envgen yeah, going through that is incredibly stressful.

I was really lucky that the second thing I got helped but the time I spent on citalopram was one of the worst mental health phases I’ve ever had..

Crossing my fingers that the next "bucket of shit" will help you

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@dysphoricunicorn im sorry to hear that!! im on escitalopram at the moment (citalopram but BACKWARDS!!) and it is definitely making me worse 😎

can i ask what worked for you in the end?

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@envgen I’m currently on bupropion, which is a stimulant that works especially well for people with ADHD

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