Follow maybe i'll get one of those spider vacuums, do a fly the succ then plop it out the window

@envgen jesus fucking hell 'do a fly the succ'

@jk please do a expand upon your complaint

@envgen im looking for ibm selectrics on ebay so that i can type out a letter to the council about this, i will put some carbon paper in for you too

@jk @envgen I don't know why this is so funny but I'm dying over here

@envgen @jk seriously I can't even look at my masto tab without thinking "do a fly the succ" and losing my shit

@envgen well i sure had to read that five times before untangling the heap of words

but now i approve; proceed & continue

@envgen @theoutrider also dates should be easier to read on mastodon because now i'm replying to and old. Thanks, alot.

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